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What is your mission?

DIVY aims to participate and secure the Cardano network by running a stake pool on cloud infrastructure. The low fees ensure longevity and sustainability of the pool.

Our goal is to provide a reliable Cardano staking service with high desirability for you as a delegator.

High Pledge

Financially committed to our pool to attract delegation & ensure high performance.

Low Fees

We will keep DIVY competitive with the minimum fix fee and 2%.


We share our block schedule with to showcase our pool's performance.

Live Monitoring

We use Grafana to monitor our nodes. We have alerts setup and the ability to quickly respond to any situation.

Fast Block Propagation

Our nodes run on commercial data centers with 99.9% availability. We maintain a backup block producer and multiple relays to ensure a robust configuration.


We are an honest participant of the network, we vow to never ever cheat or exploit the protocol.

Where do I get the latest updates?

Updates are posted on Twitter at @Jay_N_T and in the Discovery Telegram Group. You can also contact me directly on telegram at